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Waxident Box

Waxident Box


We all have our faults… our little cracks and breaks… Sometimes we’re a little off colour BUT that doesn’t mean we aren’t still the same inside, right?! Well our little waxidents are no different! Some have broken or chipped, some may be a slightly wrong colour, some may even be guinea pigs of design but they are still perfect! This is why we still want our little waxidents to find homes.



Our Mystery Waxident Box is full of goodies worth at least £20 which you can get for just £12.00



The boxes availability will vary from time to time depending on how many little waxidents we have! The stock inside the boxes will remain a mystery and could contain anything from Christmas stock, our current collection to our next collection! Your box may contain snap bars, shapes, brittle, shapes, mini shapes.... anything!

  • Return's Policy

    These mystery waxident  boxes are non-refundable. 

  • Product Information

    Please note: Everything is handmade by us and the beauty of this means no two will ever be exactly the same. Please be aware that products may differ in colour pigmentation, glitter volumes and occasionally size

    Disclaimer: Despite some of our fragrances smelling similar to brands and perfumes, we are in no way affiliated with and should not be confused with the originals. Copyrights and trademarks are property of the respective designers and/or manufacturers.

  • Wax Melt Safety

    How to use our Wax Melts Safely


    -- Always use a burner designed for wax melts

    - we advise tea light burners as not all electric burners give off the same quality of scent throw, however both are fine to use!

    - Check your burner before each use for cracks or chips. If found, dispose of immediately as this could bea serious fire hazard.

    - Use 1x 4 hour unscented tea light and place the burner on a heatproof surface before lighting.

    - Make sure all packaging is removed.

    - Do not move once lit and allow to cool before moving again.

    - Do not add Water.

    - Always keep out of reach of Children and pets at all times.

    - Do not leave your burner unattended when lit.

    - Keep away from Draughts (open windows/ Windowsills).

    - Always read the safety informationprovided with our products (Warning/safety/ CLP).

    - Make sure the wax has covered the base of the burner bowl, be careful not to overfill.


    All of our products are made in accordance to the European Regulation on classification labelling and packaging (CLP) which is located on the back of all our products. Please use at your own risk. We do not accept any responsibility for any damage caused as a result of the misuse of our products.


    If you have any questions or concerns please message us!

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