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Turkey - Syria Earthquake

On Monday 6 February at 4:17am local time, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck southern Turkey near the city of Gaziantep, devastating parts of Turkey and Syria. It was followed by a series of powerful aftershocks.Then at 13:24 local time, a second earthquake (M7.5) hit the Elbistan district around 80 miles north of Gaziantep.

As of 04/03/2023: Reports suggest that more than 50,000 people have been killed, and many thousands more injured. These figures continue to rise. In response, the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), of which British Red Cross is a member, has launched an appeal as teams continue to support with search and rescue, providing essential aid and supporting the wounded. 

We decided to help raise funds to donate towards the DEC appeal. In order to do this we launched our charity mini pots with 100% profits going to charity. 

As of 04/03/2023 we have donated £30.00 to the DEC appeal. 



Ukraine Crisis

On 28th February 2022 we announced we were raising funds for the crisis in Ukraine. We launched a snap bar costing £3.00 with 100% profits going to charity. 

50% of the money raised we used to buy much need supplies such as painkillers, first aid items, toiletries. We matched the amount raised for these donations. The supplies were dropped off to local helpers working alongside charities who are delivering it to the London distribution centre and the White Eagle Polish Club in Balham London - where they have trucks going into Poland every week for the Ukrainian refugees. 

The other 50% of the money raised has been donated to the British Red Cross. The British Red Cross are able to help supply food, clothing, first aid, transportation, training, repair and infrastructure and so much more! 

As of 21.04.2022 we have sold £27.00 of Ukraine snap bars. See just how much we donated! Thank you to everyone that helped! 

On May 14th we held a stall along with some other small businesses at The Ship Inn in East Grinstead in aid of the Sunflower Aid for Ukraine and helped raise a total of £294.43.

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